Streamline workflows and boost productivity

Our Generative AI Agents platform empowers your team to automate complex workflows, giving you the edge to succeed in a competitive landscape. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined operations.

Professionals from world-class companies trust Operatix.

Unleash the Power of Generative AI Agents to streamline operations and boost productivity

Automate repetitive manual
tasks in seconds

AI agents plan & automate your work with AI

Experience the future of work with our AI-powered agents. These intelligent agents not only plan but also seamlessly automate your tasks, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity at every step. Embrace the power of AI to elevate your workflow like never before.

10X your teams productivity

Experience a remarkable 10X increase in your team's efficiency as our AI-powered platform optimizes workflows and empowers your workforce to achieve their full potential.

One platform for all AI agents

Simplify your AI strategy with our all-in-one platform, designed to seamlessly accommodate all your AI agents. Streamline management, maximize efficiency, and centralize control, eliminating the complexity of juggling multiple platforms. Elevate your AI endeavors with ease and precision.

Streamline workflow automation. Experience the seamless transformation of your business operations as our platform streamlines workflow automation for enhanced productivity.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact. Effortlessly connect our platform with your existing tools and systems, ensuring a smooth transition that amplifies your operational capabilities and delivers substantial results.

Boost Team Productivity Instantly. Get immediate relief from time-consuming manual tasks, enabling your teams to focus on things that matter most.

Boost Collaboration. Enable real-time communication, and ensure information flows effortlessly.

Efficiency Unleashed: Focus on What Truly Matters. Liberate your team from the burden of mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on work that truly matters.

Integrated with your business tools. Connect our platform with your preferred applications, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem that amplifies efficiency and simplifies management across your operations.

100+ integrations

Welcome to a new era of simplicity. Our cutting-edge AI agents seamlessly integrate with your current work environment, effortlessly harmonizing with your preferred business applications. Experience a seamless setup process that requires zero coding – get started in seconds, not hours.

Google Drive

Multiple business tools.
Multiple data sources. One intuitive interface.

AI agents for all the business functions

Harness the potential of AI agents as an extension of your current workforce, like within the Customer Operations department. Streamline internal tasks or deploy AI agents to directly assist customers, enabling your team to dedicate attention to intricate customer demands.


Tap into the potential of AI to supercharge your sales team's performance.


Elevate your marketing approach through the integration of AI-driven solutions.


Empower your team by automating mundane manual tasks in seconds with generative AI agents. Liberate their focus for impactful work, accelerating overall productivity.

Data Sources

Combine data sources & tools into an interface. Simplify workflow management, make informed decisions.


Operatix integrates with any personal files or emails to tailor content to how you work.

Company Wide

Operatix integrates with any personal files or emails to tailor content to how you work.


Seamlessly connect your knowledge databases

Save time, focus on work that matters most.

Internal Service Desk Agent

Streamline internal support requests with our Internal Service Desk Agent. This intelligent agent manages IT and administrative inquiries, tracks ticket progress, and offers quick solutions, enhancing employee efficiency and reducing downtime.

Customer Service Agent

Elevate customer satisfaction with our Customer Service Agent. This AI-powered assistant manages customer inquiries, resolves common issues, and provides personalized support, ensuring your customers receive timely and accurate assistance, enhancing their experience and loyalty.

Contract Management Agent

Simplify and optimize your contract management process with our AI-powered agent. This agent effortlessly handles contract generation, tracking, and notifications, ensuring your agreements are always up to date and compliant, freeing your team from time-consuming administrative tasks.

Employee Onboarding Agent

Welcome new hires seamlessly with our Employee Onboarding Agent. From document collection and form submissions to training schedules, this agent automates the onboarding journey, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for your new employees.

Data Validation Agent

Ensure data accuracy with our Data Validation Agent. This agent automates data entry, verifies information across systems, and flags inconsistencies, enabling your team to make informed decisions based on reliable and error-free data.

Your own custom Agent

Creat personalized agents to streamline the automation of routine tasks your teams face in their daily operations. Whether it's within Product and Innovation, Sales, Marketing, or HR departments, these AI agents are tailored to your workforce's requirements. Your custom agents are always there to provide support where it matters most.

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What can Operatix do?

Operatix is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that revolutionizes workflow automation and task management. It employs advanced Generative AI agents to seamlessly automate complex processes, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and boost productivity. Operatix is designed to handle a wide range of tasks, from repetitive manual activities to intricate workflows, ultimately enabling your team to focus on strategic, value-added work that drives your business forward.

What does Operatix Platform integrate with?

Operatix is built with a strong focus on integration flexibility, ensuring it seamlessly fits into your existing business ecosystem. It is designed to integrate with a variety of tools and systems, ranging from popular business applications to specialized software. Some of the integrations include CRM platforms, project management tools, communication apps, data analytics software, and more. This ensures that Operatix becomes an integral part of your workflow, enhancing efficiency across various functions and departments.

Is using Operatix secure?

Absolutely, security is a top priority for Operatix. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data and sensitive information. Our platform employs state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your data is protected at all times. This includes encryption protocols for data transmission and storage, role-based access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, Operatix offers robust authentication mechanisms to ensure authorized access only. Rest assured, your data's security is our commitment, and we continuously strive to maintain the highest security standards to keep your information safe.